About Us

Suzie White is passionate about music and loves sharing it with others. In 2008 she founded Anacrusis Music, her own music teaching business, believing all children are musical and should be able to experience the joy that music can bring. She loves to write music and always has many pieces on the go (you can check out some sample pieces here).

She holds degrees in music composition and music education (Prep to Year 12) from Queensland University of Technology. In 2001 Suzie commenced teaching private piano lessons which she is still currently teaching. As a registered teacher, Suzie has taught classroom music at various Brisbane primary schools and kindergartens, been involved in choral conducting and organised numerous school concerts and a musical.

Recently, Suzie started the official Anacrusis Music YouTube channel where she regularly posts a variety of music. In March 2023 she released her first album, Piano Colours, a collection of original cinematic piano tracks.